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RAM CLINIC is a replacement synthetic opioid medication program that is dedicated to making available informed and high quality treatment options to those addicted to illicit and prescribed opiate substances. It is the focus of this agency to assist those addicted to opiates to gain a lifestyle that is productive, societally oriented and free of illicit substance use while reducing physical harm to themselves and to society caused by active addiction.

RAM CLINIC believes that addiction is a physical disease for which there is no permanent cure; however it is possible to discontinue illicit substance use and attain a productive and responsible lifestyle. We believe that recovery from chemical dependency can be achieved through treatment based on each patient's individual motivation to address their own treatment issues

RAM CLINIC also believes that each patient deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, patience and in a humane, compassionate manner. Every patient at RAM CLINIC has the right to address issues associated with their addictive disease in a manner that is not harmful to themselves or to others with the goal of long term positive lifestyle changes. We encourage all patients to develop an outside of the agency support and recovery system. It is with that hope the agency and staff is supporters of Methadone Anonymous in the Portland Metro Area.

We encourage all patients to participate twice yearly in review the services that RAM CLINIC provides to them. While we strongly recommend an illicit-use free lifestyle, we are more concerned with reducing the harm to physical health that illicit substance use causes. Program administration maintains an open door policy that encourages patients and family members to discuss concerns or questions about treatment at RAM CLINIC. Patients, family members and other members of the support system are also encouraged to utilize the suggestion box the program maintains for anonymous comments, feedback or concerns.