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Founded in 1997 RAM CLINIC is a privately owned opioid treatment program that offers the administration of replacement opioid medications to patients addicted to illicit opiates. In addition to medication needs, RAM CLINIC offers individual, group and family counseling when appropriate, drug screen testing, referrals and identification of community resources appropriate to each patient's needs. RAM CLINIC is supportive to a lifestyle free of illicit substance use and recovery from the behaviors associated with active addiction in daily life. Based in the Portland metropolitan area, RAM CLINIC offers services to patients and family members that have suffered from a deterioration of daily life due to the physical, spiritual and emotional trauma caused by chemical dependency, with the hope that no addict should be institutionalized, suffer major life threatening health problems or death as a result of the disease of addiction.

Ram Clinic's Program Goals:

  • Decrease illicit drug use and associated

  • Increase in independent daily structured and productive activities

  • Decrease physical health and life threatening problems associated with the disease of addiction

  • To provide patients with information to allow them to make informed choices regarding their individual treatment

  • Increase in patient autonomy from the treatment program.

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